A North Carolina Thanksgiving

Oh blessed be … spending a day of Thanksgiving providing service to those in need. It’s in giving that we most receive. Okay, that sounds like a verse from my Catholic bible days, but in truth, there is much validity in the statement about volunteering.

slaDE and I spent the day with our Frontier Skydiving friends who formerly lived in Buffalo 5 years ago, but now live just north of Raleigh.

It was a fabulous day of Thanksgiving, serving hot meals to the workers, the homeless and the needy who were patrons of the Durham Rescue Mission. Nothing could dampen my spirits, not even the cold and the rain. My wish for today was to be as helpful, caring, respectful and considerate as possible, to give my all, 110%. The volunteers turned up in droves … so good to see others offering their time, skills and service. Once the event had wound down, we made our way back to celebrate in sharing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Triangle Skydiving Center with a bunch of great and new skydiving friends. What an incredible and awe-inspiring day!

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  1. I was so happy that we could share that experience together. In giving we most receive.

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