From One Boogie to Another

More friends going home. It’s been almost 14 years since seeing one old friend. Amazing. The shifting, the coming and going. A continuous stream of friendly faces, both at the Boogie and in life. Some that I know quite well, and others, new to me but just as lovely. And as the lull of the first American Boogie comes to an end, the second round of skydivers, this time from Europe, will roll in to town tomorrow. Fresh and dewy, glistening like the Belizean sea. It’s truly amazing what a week in the sun, sand and tropics can do to the spirits and heart (and suntan / burn!).

My dearest hubby went on his second open water scuba dive today, towards becoming a fully certified scuba diver through PADI. So proud. Such a natural. He truly loves the water, swimming as strongly, gracefully and beautifully as a dolphin!

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