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Navigating Life’s Backcountry

Making our way from Lindsay towards Verona Ontario (30 minutes north of Kingston), I marvel at the feeling of expanse and raw nakedness that is apparent with the lakes, quarries, miles of towering trees and rocks, reminiscent of Northern Ontario. We’re taking the road less travelled, and I am struck by the ominous sense of deer and moose presence. Although sight unseen, signs are apparent everywhere of note. I am thankful for the speed slaDE is cautiously following. Unexpected animal meanderings on to the road that we’re travelling is something which I desperately do NOT want. The thought of us hitting a deer or an animal running in to us (55 feet is a good length for a target) is a very real possibility, at any moment, especially with tree-lined roads at day’s end! Upon closer examination, I am slowly realizing that this journey through the backcountry is synonymous with our life at the moment. It’s full of winding roads with sharp turns, breathtaking speed bumps, unanticipated hills and abrupt interruptions along a road less travelled. So much is unknown, and at times vastly overwhelming in its magnitude. But we’re trying to navigate the roller coaster with our hands up, open to the vulnerabilities of possibility, releasing to that which we cannot change and negotiating that which we can, slowing down enough so that at least we enjoy and savour the ride. Learning to breath and smile through it TOGETHER is key. One step forward, two steps back. A dance of sorts. Wild, passionate, carefree and without abandon.

Arriving in Verona, I feel all at once both home and welcome. It’s been about a year since we last saw Agnes (slaDE~s Mother) and well over 2 years since spending any time with Wally, her partner. Having never visited this home, I am able to look upon their amazing property with the eyes of a home-buyer — they’re in the market to sell, and they want our opinions. I was tickled pink to find out that Mama Dawson and Wally hope to buy a motorhome and spend a good portion of their time travelling and exploring a whole new world of lifestyle options. I am SO excited for them! I know how intrinsically life-changing our journey has been in the Airstream, and because of this, I urge anybody with a heart and sense for adventure to explore the realms of RV travel. All the doors of perception on nomadic living are blown open (from my experience) to amazing choices and potential. Navigating life’s backcountry can be such an exciting challenge of change and opportunity. I’m really excited for them, and I further come to realize how much I love our life!

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