My Wii cup runneth over

Dog heavenI’ve never really been one for video games. The greatest joy I ever had from an electronic game was the pinball machine that my family housed in our multiplex house in Listowel when growing up. I totally wracked up the high scores and spent many a Saturday afternoon challenging my dexterity and skills with the flick of my pinball fingers. Beyond the occasional game of Pacman and Super Mario, video games didn’t do anything for me growing up. Solitaire and word games were the only thing that stimulated my senses on the computer. I do find myself getting bored very quickly …. partly because I am a klutz and have a terrible track record with hand – eye coordination. But, being the guests of two hospitable skydiving friends, and wanting to be a good sport, I gave in to Stacey’s persistent coaxing on trying out the Wii Fit. WOW! Stacey and Don must have about 40 games. Makes me wonder if this is where ‘Feisty Girl’ gets her nickname from, being the competitive skilled player that she is??

Wii funI’ve never been one for violence, whether it be in a movie, a cartoon, part of a video game or in real life. I cringe at the thought of seeing blood, whether it be brought on by violent action, or staged as part of a Blockbuster’s draw. I steer clear of horror movies and avoid conflict at all costs. I believe that violent action and behaviour begets more violence. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Even the thought of all these Texans arming themselves with full gun arsenals within their homes and vehicles has me cringing at the thought of any possible negative confrontations. So the thought of playing a video game with a fake rifle in the ‘Call of Duty’ had me bowing out to pursue other interests. Stacey and her true loveHowever, when it came to duking it out with my husband in a boxing ring or trying to punt his butt off a platform with dueling swords, I had an alarming enthusiastic good time. Go figure?? Perhaps, the kid-like animation of the Wii felt less hostile and confrontational?? Or maybe it was the cheering crowd laughing their faces off at my inept but witty foot and arm work (i.e. think of the chicken dance)?? Whatever it was, I actually enjoyed my spirited and perky workout on the Wii, and look forward to the next 100 pin bowling game thrown my way. 🙂 I also look forward to becoming a Yoga Master on the Wii Fit. It states that I am a Yoga Novice. Looks like I have lots of work ahead of me :).

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