A Texan Winter Storm

When coming south for the winter, I was really hoping to leave the cold weather behind. Our stay in Missouri had us hovering a few nights just above zero in the Airstream, but our plumbing was safe from the cold. No frozen pipes or water leaks. In coming to Houston, I thought that for certain we’d be well above freezing in our stay. I guess that’s what you get for thinking! ūüėČ The next three days and nights, we’re hunkering down to weather the Arctic blast that has already seeped in through my bones, craving for the sun and warmth. Now if only we can stave off any plumbing crises!

It’s panic mode here in Texas … kerosene and propane heaters are sold out wherever one looks. The only reason that I know this is that Skydive Houston was¬†desperately¬†looking for an alternate way other than electricity to heat their 2500 feet business space. I feel for them …. we’ve been relying on our electric heater pretty much 24/7 for the past few weeks and with this deep freeze in effect, the furnace will be a¬†definite¬†asset in our attempt to keep warm and plumbing-issue free. Fingers crossed!

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