A rest-filled life

Meditation GodsBoth slaDE~ and I agree that one of the best parts of this new journey that we find ourselves on is the ability to wake naturally, without an alarm to jolt our bodies out of hibernation. It’s truly amazing to find oneself suddenly awake, renewed with a sense of light and being when the circadian rhythm of ones body is allowed to prevail. I remember upon waking in Calgary, when both our cups overflowed with work, play, yoga and instructing, always waking so tired, scattered and somewhat unsatiated. Amazing what a lifestyle change and a few months can do. Living and following ones dream, without the dictation of daily schedules and appointments leads me to believe that life doesn’t have to be so structural and finite. That with the flow of existence comes the renewal that our bodies so desperately crave. Activities such as meditation, yoga, or exercise help to redirect our energies into a positive outlet. But living a life of self-direction and motivation with as little stress as possible also helps. I feel very blessed that we can pursue a new path where the body is able to energize through sleep and cre8tive outlets that make our heart sing.

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