Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is such a magical day to remember all the fantastic Mothers who play such an important loving role in my life, supporting me as I am guided down the tricky pathways of life. I am truly blessed to have my birth Mother still alive, happy and well. This is such a beautiful grace to have a loving relationship with a Mom who loves and believes in me unconditionally.

And then I have Barbie June, who has and always will be, my #2 Mom in life, just as I am her Daughter #3. A flowing magical friendship that has blossomed and grown over the years, with beginnings and endings that have solidified the bond that we share.

And then Mama Dawson … slaDE~s Mother. Such a positive caring influence in our lives. So wise and magnificent. We miss her daily presence in our life.

And then I am grateful for the family and girlfriends in my life who are Mother’s, who nurture our friendship, as only a Mother can.

i give you my love, my all, especially on this day, dedicated to yoU!
Happy Mother's Day

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