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the long commute
What a week! I was sick as a dog with the stomach flu and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Whether that involved eating, yoga, working or reading. Surprisingly, what did feel good were my shoulders! A week’s reprieve from strength yoga moves seemed to work wonders on their integrity and mobility. Now to maintain a sense of strength and flexibility in my shoulders without causing further injury is my goal. I do want to start skydiving again this summer and that means I need injury pain-free shoulders.

Because of my departure from work, the week zoomed by! How is it that the rhythm at home flies and the tempo at work, at times, drones and drags with painful melody? I often miss the freelance lifestyle where my work time was my time to be cre8tive and carefree. However, the pull of a regular paycheck and interaction with lovely friends has been integral into my staying employed with the Calgary Health region for the past 18 months. Soon enough will be our return to freelancing …. Calgary isn’t forever. Speaking of endings, next week will prelude my typical commute when our department and floor at Centre 15 moves to Southport. On Tuesday our old department ‘Healthy Living’ and myself will seek out the most efficient and traffic-free route to cycling down to Southport. For me, the newly involved distance in my commute will determine my desire and willingness to stay on in my current position with Community Oral Health. As most of you know, currently I have a 6 minute door to desk lovely stroll 5 days a week, with the same for my lunchtime workout at the local Talisman fitness centre. This summer, not only will I have to find alternative means of getting to work (local transit or biking are my only options of choice) but I’ll also have to allot an extra 2+ hours to my day to accommodate this shift. I think the latter is the greater travesty. But I’m trying to look at it positively … putting a health twist on my newly acquired workout: cycling 12 kilometres to and from Southport. I’m looking at the cycle as quality time to think, move my body in an energetic fashion, developing my sense of switching off and just being. With glorious weather, this can be a welcome reprieve. But as soon as inclement weather moves in, I’m wondering whether I’ll choose to rethink my options? With my current skills, quality of life will win out in looking for satisfying work closer to home. The main benefit of my employment? Spectacular co-workers who have become gentle loyal friends, many of whom are dedicated students of my lunchtime yoga classes. This opportunity to teach and develop myself as a Yoga Instructor has been invaluable. Where else could I build hours without having to pay for a space within 2 minutes of my desk? I’ve currently logged 35 hours of instruction!!! To say that my style and confidence has improved is an understatement. …. a mere 7 months ago I quivered at the thought of standing in front of a group, guiding the breath and body like a symphonic director.
thinking outside the cubicle
Here’s to living, loving ♥ and breathing in the quality of life that exists around us.

Live it, love it, kick it (© Katherine Weishar 2008)

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