Savasana Bliss

Happiness indeed is a quiet mind. The quieter I can become in my daily life, the more I can hear from within. Yoga is an infinite path & transformative tool that leads me to finding that happiness and my edge.

Yoga = connection, being open, attuning to my inner awareness, and easing into a state of meditative groundedness. Savasana is that place of stillness; the culmination of a yoga practice, that perfect possibility for tuning in to the power of ones own unity and balance.

“Savasana: savasana is being without was, being without will be. It is being without anyone who is.”
~ Light on Life, B.K.S. Iyengar

Shadow Yoga in the snowYesterday, as I sweated it out in my new-to-me Moksha hot yoga class, I was inspired by the cleansing effect of my sweating. I’m really not one to sweat. Rarely. So I found myself quite surprised by this intensely hot yoga class …. the humidity, my shortness of breath, the at-times unbearable uncomfortableness of so.much.heat. that produced an alarming amount of sweat dripping from my body. It was like a faucet that I couldn’t turn off. Drip, drip, drip. I ached to leave the room into the coolness of the reception area, yet I was determined to weave my way through this strange sequence of asanas that left me, admittedly, a bit befuddled. To be honest, the class took me by complete surprise.  After the standing practice led to the sweet release of my body to the reclining series, I found that my mind was completely clear and focussed while my body was entirely at ease and perfectly released. There I lay, almost comatose in a state of savasana bliss. Whisperings of the breath, unwinding inwards to complete surrender. Now this is the exotic tranquility of complete emptiness. Bliss seems like the inimitable and only way to define my state of surrender to the Moksha practice I experienced.

At first, I was reluctant to be drawn in to the ‘cult’ of hot yoga (that’s what it feels like when I read about and witness the flow of people entranced by this practice). But I was curious, and I had a 30 day intro offer that I couldn’t pass by. $40 for 30 days of unlimited yoga at the Moksha Yoga St Clair West studio was my idea of a good deal that I wanted to take full advantage of (even if it means a 30 minute walk each way to the studio). Oftentimes, at home, I find it hard to maintain a sense of motivation to practice daily asana. I may have the intention, but my day gets carried away by the spell of my internet and working journey. By having this 30 day commitment drop in to my lap, I have an incredible opportunity to explore a new style of yoga that will help me get through the cold brutality of this winter of Polar Vortex weather here in Southern Ontario. So far, I’ve attended 10 challenging Moksha classes, 8 consecutively (all late evening = 8:30pm!). Not that I’m counting. I just don’t want to miss out on this amazing window for growth and yoga. And the nighttime repose sets me up with the divinity of relaxation sublime after a hectic day.

I LOVE this poem from the website “Peace. Love. Free“. For me, it describes Yoga and Savasana perfectly. Release the stories that do not serve us … SUCH a difficult but necessary task!

The mind says ‘mistake. regret. punishment’.
The heart speaks ‘long. ache. grieve’
The body pulses ‘want. want. want’

Yoga answers ‘you are nothing but your breath. exhale’

The legs scream ‘go. run. escape’
The ceiling fan whispers ‘you are still here. be present’

The critic declares ‘not enough. do more’
The practice replies ‘exactly right. infinitely curious. eternally gentle’

The hips protest ‘no. I can’t’
Yoga says ‘release the stories. they do not serve’

The hands grasp ‘hold tight. don’t let go
The pose demands ‘loosen. relinquish. release’

The tension says ‘do not move’
The breath says ‘you are free’

The habit pushes ‘control’
The mantra answers ‘surrender’

The spirit cries ‘scared. so scared’.
The music sings ‘every little thing’s gonna be alright’

The head whispers ‘afraid of shadows’
Yoga answers ‘you are nothing but light’

The muscles complain ‘so tired’
Savasana responds ‘rest now. be still.’

The fear says ‘ordinary’
Nameste reminds ‘divine. divine. divine’

The self says ‘I am here’
Yoga says ‘yes. yes, you are’

om shanti shanti shanti om

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