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Acro Yoga, Montreal style

It was crappy weather here again in the morning … no chance of a hop and pop, so we headed in to Montreal for the Sunday afternoon Acro Yoga jam. Normally Eugene Poku and Jessie Golberg run the 2 hour jam, but today, we briefly met them on leaving the studio (they had a wedding to attend). Instead we were launched in to a beautifully cre8tive and playful session with Costa Koutrokois and Jill Campbell, the leaders for today. What an incredibly fun and joyful time of sharing! slaDE was flown by Costa like a pro … as if slaDE were a light-weight that could be twirled and spun with ease on the magic feet of Costa. It was inspiring to watch his dynamic strength, skill and ease with flight (yogaFLIGHT as we may call it, and acro yoga as is more widely known). I really enjoyed the pyramid building session that we had between 8 of the other participants. After luxuriating in a few hours of learning, we wandered amidst downtown Montreal, enjoying the Jazz Festival in brief. I had hoped to get back to Parachute Montreal for a jump or two, but that was not to happen after fitting in a weekly food shop. C’est la vie :).

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