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A Texan Farewell

The desire for adventure and travel has seemingly always been within me, and Airstream living is a perfect match for me, for us. I feel most alive when travelling, discovering new places, different foods and more often than not , new friendships and communities. The nature of travel is forward motion … changing locations, and often time zones, at an alarming pace (compared to the somewhat ‘sedentary’ lifestyle of a 9-5 + mortgage living). This is its greatest challenge and its greatest strength, paradoxically. The challenges of saying goodbye to friends whom we make a great connection with can be somewhat difficult. The sentimentalist in me makes it never easy, to be sure. But then again, why say ‘goodbye’ … for me, its another way of saying “I may never see you again”; farewell on the other hand offers room for future potential. This is where the beauty of Facebook and other social networking sites come into play … maintaining the ‘facetime’ connection over the interweb. What’s especially wonderful and comforting is knowing that we are always welcome back. An extended family awaits us here in Texas. Not only do we depart with a giant smile and plenty of hugs, we have plenty of wondrous memories to care us through and onwards to our next destination!

So I bid ‘Adios Amigos’ to all our Floridian / Belizean / Texan friends as we head north. Canada calls and I’m really looking forward to visiting with my family and friends! Looks like we’ll need to put the fleece sheets back on :).

Love to y’all 🙂 Maybe see you next winter??!

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