Life in uncertain economic times. What to do next?!

Can you believe it (I certainly can’t)? We’re seriously thinking about buying a house. Some sort of property to give us equity in economic times when investing in anything other than land and oneself seems to provide uncertainty and a bit of anxiety, considering the amount of $$ lost by many in the stock market. We look pretty decent on paper right now, and before hitting the road in our Airstream, it might be a wise idea to look into mortgages before we give up the 8-4:30 job routine and become travelling hippies :). But what exactly does this credit crunch look like? I’ve read many articles and listened to even more podcasts on the whole demise of our current economic situation (which reportedly is now in an upswing!?). But sometimes, just seeing the whole thing in simple layman’s stick-figure terms can prove to be more enlightening and revealing than any other ‘propaganda’ out there. So here I offer you this video, as a way to learn and decipher the muck many are wallowing in.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Crisis of Credit


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