Voting for Hope: the day after

Come and gone. Like a puff of smoke in a magic act. Voila! And then silence, and waiting and anticipation, wondering, what next?
The markets and the dollar rose sharply at the jubilation of a new administration, new hope. But what now? Waiting. Until Barack finds himself officially in office. Waiting for Bush not to mess up any more than he already has. Waiting. A political yet emotional game.

Barack Obama, 44th president of the USAAmazing that the time span of a day could drastically alter the course of the world. Election Day, November 4, 2008, was yesterday, and most of the world sat with bated breath, wondering how the future would unfold with either Barack Obama or John McCain as the USA’s future President. From a Canadian standpoint, I only saw one clear ‘winner’, paving the future for change and a better tomorrow. However, us mere Canadians didn’t need to offer our support or vote of confidence. From the vote tabulations, many Americans too believed in that potential … of Hope. A landslide victory like I’ve never seen. Record voter turnouts! Compared to our Canadian elections (which are a joke in comparison), the might behind the sword is incredibly powerful when One voice stands up in their beliefs.

Barack Hussein Obama II has overcome so many obstacles and established a historical presidence that will hopefully forever change both the face of politics and the race relations within the American continent (worldwide for that matter). “Yes we can”. For those that believe, anything is possible. Hope and diligence seemed to pay off yesterday for the Americans who voted for their President-elect. Let’s pray for strength and unity in these difficult times, where the world’s troubles far outweigh the might of one man. Unity is the key.

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