Effective life habits

And so the rain begins. A good day to sit down and read a book, watch some movies and just spend time talking with Kara. The idea of joining Team ‘Hotflash’ as a possibility was thrown my way. WOW! Not quite sure how to make that happen, but just thinking about such a prospect leaves me excited at the adventures which lie ahead for 2010.  As well as being a skilled skydiver and team captain, Kara is an amazingly intelligent and knowledgeable woman. With Kara and RD running a prosperous construction and pool home business, both slaDE and I were eager to learn some of the reasonings and tools behind their success. We thus spent the afternoon and evening talking about our businesses and goals and intentions with them both. Oh what a wealth of information and insight was crammed into a joyful afternoon. I am truly loving the thought of integrating Stephen R. Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®”  into our daily routine.  It’s a wonderful place for us to start our journey of self-knowledge and business development. We have such long journey of learning and growth ahead of us, but wow, the bigger picture looks pretty amazing! I joined the Stephen R. Covey Community and look forward to empowering our greatness.

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