Change … in all its glory

Butterfly transformations
Butterfly transformations

It’s interesting to be a witness to change in ones own life, if able to step back and view everything as if an outsider looking in, with no attachment or labeling of self. I don’t know if this is entirely possible, but I’ve been experimenting in my writing, as if I were documenting a stranger’s life. The results have been quite interesting and have given me an unexpected perspective that has helped me to accept and embrace the growing pangs of change.

Change is inevitable, whether we try to ‘steer’ the direction of our ship or are sideswiped by the unexpected winds of transformation. Fascinated by the concept of flight, I’ve often wondered about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Is the evolutionary process one of pain and difficulty? The end result of this rebirth cycle is one of pure beauty and freedom, the shackles of earth left behind, new horizons open to exploration and possibility. And so is the case of change within my life at the moment.

To be honest, at times I have moments of sheer panic and terror set in. Anything truly is possible when putting everything we live and love for out there, on the line, overtly susceptible to any tipping point and wind. When slaDE~ and I envisioned our dream and released it to a higher power, with a wish and a prayer, little did we know that the flood gates of change and opportunity would become open for the taking. And risk we did, jumping in with both feet. Now, here we are, being encompassed by and feeling the growing pangs. Conscious of each moment of birthing, emerging with new wings, slowly and with moments of pain and wisdom. Can we exit the embodied cocoon with grace and conscious development, fully aware, breathing and enjoying the outcomes {regardless of whether it fits the design and pattern of choice and vision}? By stepping back and realigning with my intention, I hope that I can step through these momentous times of upheaval with a joyful smile, and stronger because of the change which aims to teach and inspire.

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