I haven’t played charades since I was a child, but today, I was introduced to a new game called Dekan (Naked spelled backwards :)). Seven new friends joined in on the fun with slaDE and I. Each person had to list a person, place and thing on separate pieces of paper. All the items were then placed in a box and three teams of three were formed. With each round, moving from team to team, we had 30 seconds to guess as many of the words pulled from the box as possible until all the slips of paper were described.

  • 1st round involves describing the word without using the word.
  • 2nd round involves using 1 word to describe the word picked.
  • 3rd round involved a pose to describe the word. Nothing could be verbalized (like charades).

What a funtabulous game! We were roaring with laughter for hours.

PS Dekan is ‘Naked’ spelled backwards. But who tells their friends that they played a game of Naked charades on the weekend and had a blast??! 🙂

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