Darien Lake

Ferris Wheel

Five years ago my dear friend L and I  had the intention to go to Darien Lake in celebration of our mutual day of birth. However, with a wounded wing postponing our adventure, I was intent on making the trip once healed and in the area (we’ve been in Calgary for the past 4 summers). My birth-date twin unfortunately could not take the day off from work, but her awesome husband and lovely son blessed us with their company, as did my best girlfriend Ms Daisy, and her 4 beautiful children.

It was a fabulous day with such beautiful weather and voluminous puffy clouds to enhance our experience (visualize fluffy marshmallows in your peripheral vision whilst careening upside down and every which way). The kids — both big and small — adored their time to laugh, explore and be giddy, whilst enjoying the thrill of amusement.


Lumberjack ladder climb

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