House Concert Extraordinaire

http://www.davidrossmacdonald.comA decadent weekend of quiet solitude with my girlfriend Jen left me excited about reuniting with my sexy husband. Distance has definitely made my heart grown fonder. The weather was sour and wet, which meant that the prospect of offloading the storage space at my Father’s house, in the rain on to an open trailer, was not really desirable. This would give us the opportunity to accept the invitation to join our friend Brian at his house concert in Hawkesville. The artist: David Ross MacDonald, a visiting classically trained guitarist and singer from Australia. With no expectations of or research given to David’s music, I was gratefully surprised and delighted by the afternoon’s performance. David has an incredible voice with a wonderfully humorous and engaging personality behind his skilful guitar playing. It was an awesome concert followed by a spectacular potluck with new and old friends sitting around a large country-sized wooden table enjoying healthy, wholesome food and conversation. Of course, with all the children scampering around, slaDE was happy to share in the joys of yogaFLIGHT. yogaFLIGHT amidst excited kids is like sugar. Super addictive and something that they could forever do. if only we as adults knew how to play with such unrestricted abandon. So much to learn from the spirit of children.

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