Nouvel Air

Before the mad rush of an intense day of travel towards Sudbury, slaDE and I decided to spend the day unwinding and enjoying the delights of Nouvel Air (a dropzone 1 hour south of Montreal). Our friend and host Michel Lemay treated us to a late evening last night of conversation. But we were knackered and enjoyed a late morning lie-in before heading to the NovelAir dropzone. What a splendid facility — equally impressive but very different from their new flagship dz (Parachute Montreal). slaDE did video for Michel Lemay’s 4 way pickup team for a few jumps. And then we knocked out 3 spectacular 4 way jumps that had my mind reeling. They were some of the BEST skydiving jumps I’ve done in all my years. Fluid, peaceful, quiet and highly successful. We averaged 18 points on each jump. WOW! Pretty cool to get personal coaching and jumping with a National Champion. What a difference can made to my skill level!

We enjoyed an evening of raw food, great companionship and yogaFLIGHT amongst friends before reluctantly leaving, preparing ourselves mentally for the big trek ahead of us tomorrow driving cross-Province.

VitaMix Fruit Ice Cream Recipe (use organic ingredients if possible)
Fruit ice-cream / sorbet can be made quite easily with frozen fruit plus the addition of plain unflavoured yogurt if a creamier texture is preferred.

  • The basic “rule of thumb” for making ice cream (or sorbets) in a Vita-Mix is 3 cups of frozen ingredients to 1 cup of non-frozen.
  • You need to keep the ratio of unfrozen ingredients to frozen at approximately 1 to 3 or 4 for it to make a soft scoop type consistency. For a stiffer consistency, use only frozen fruit.
  • If you can’t buy frozen fruit or berries, just freeze your fresh ones. By using ice, you water down the lovely flavours possible with just two ingredients (fruit alone or fruit and yoghurt). I get the best results from making smaller quantities. About 4 cups is a good size batch.
  • Started by mixing on Variable speed 1 and increase to 10 quickly, using the tamper to push the fruit down. Once you see four ‘mounds’, you are finished!
  • Use a spatula to scoop out your ice cream. Serve immediately.


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