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Feeling Like Home

Having arrived late last night in Waller Texas, it was only this morning that upon stepping out of our Airstream into the warm glistening sunlight that I realized our return to Skydive Houston was feeling much like a return to home for me. This morning slaDE extended all the awnings and set up shop for our weeks stay on the drop zone. I absolutely ADORED staying at Skydive Elsinore for the length of time that we did, but the only thing it was lacking was the greenery and lush grass surrounding us like it does this very moment. No arid desert conditions with wandering dust devils and runway remnants to spit, blanket and taunt us. The covered packing area / hangar lacking the tell-tale desert remnants (which age both my skin and canopy) is a welcome reprieve. Add on top of this our old new-found friends and we have a whopping successful cocktail of fun and frolic.

I’m going to savour every moment of our stay on an Otter dz before heading back to Canada, where twin turbines are as far and few between as the low jump prices so prevalent here south of the border. Can you believe that we pay at least $10 more in the great white north for the same jump from altitude from similar or lesser planes? It’s sacrilegious!! But home is where the heart is, and we seem to be following our home clear across the country, regardless of the price wars and aircraft. Now that’s what I call living :).

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