Cross country adventures

With a quick coffee break and driver switch-a-roo, we arrived in Illinois, first stopping at Skydive Chicago before segueing to my second-Mom Barb’s home in DeKalb. It was really cool to see Brian Germaine at SDC, especially having seen him in Eloy just a few weeks prior.

(photo possibly to be used for a Cypres 2 Ad!!)

It was slaDE~s first time to this mammoth DZ … I have much history here, both at the new and old venue, so it was wonderful to come back and see old friends.

However, we also had a chance to visit another familiar local DZ which is just as splendid as the other – – Chicagoland Skydiving (Hinckley) . In fact, Doug and I had a chance to catch up when he let my fly the Cessna Caravan to altitude several times (trusting man, I’d say!). If you can’t jump, why not fly them?!

The whole weekend was splendid … So much fun! Watching movies, playing with the computer, reminiscing and catching up, walking by the lake, tree climbing,

getting together with Barb’s family, dancing,

laughing and eating to our heart’s content.

And then homeward bound we drove, ready to face the challenges of another modal switch in lifestyle and familiar territory.

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