Mom’s visit

Our visit with my Mom a few weekends back has been a shining highlight of my stay here in Calgary. It was such a playful and joy-filled 3 days together. But as all good things, it came to an end far too quickly!

* * * * Mom and slaDE~, 2 of my favourite people in this world!
Mom and slaDE~ ... too of my favourite people

* * * * On top of the world, with Mom (aka The Calgary tower)
The Calgary Tower

* * * * Ever the adventurer, slaDE~ was up for a fanciful pony ride!
Metal pony

* * * * Bang a gong: making music with my Mama
the gong show

* * * * Lindsey today was all play and no work (currently the top sales Manager with Discover Banff Tours)
Lindsey and Discover Banff Tours

* * * * Family friends of old (I didn’t even know that Marion and Dave lived in Calgary!)
The Wolff's with Mom

* * * * Breakfast in Banff: Lindsey (attired in her latest blue souvenir from boxing) with my Mama.
Lindsey and Mom

* * * * Visiting the Banff Upper Hot Springs
Banff hot springs and Mama

* * * * Enjoying a sleigh ride through a the fields of Banff
sleigh ride

* * * * Enjoying the views of Calgary
The Calgary Tower views

* * * * I inspired a digital camera demon in my Mother! She is far more enthusiastic than I could ever be with her digital dreams.
The Calgary Tower views

My beautiful Mother and the relationship that I share with her is so absolutely different than that which I grew up with. Or to be fair, I rather should state that we both have grown into fabulous loving people with an incredible blessed support base of family and friends around us.

I love you Mom! I truly adore and appreciate the fact that you are such an avid proud supporter and fan of my writing and blogging!)

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