planes, planes everywhere … you gottA love it!

In Albuquerque we were treated to a phenomenal tour of the Air Force base by a close friend (names withheld to protect the innocent), seeing the insides of all these wickedly cool special-ops planes and helicopters; how often does one get to walk through a fully kitted out C-130?! — I had fantasies of jumping out of this baby with night vision goggles.

Of course, I HAD to ask (tongue-in-cheek) whether it would be possible to slip in a couple of photographs during our jaunt through the restricted no-access area; I was politely refused. A gurls gotta try, right? ROTFL 🙂

From New Mexico, we drove pretty much straight through to Illinois. The trip through Colorado was one of my most stunning road trip experiences ever … The weather was incredible and the billowing clouds made cool shadow plays across the winding mountainous roads of the Southwest.

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