The LongLong Goodbye


John DeereI’d say about 1/3rd of the rally particpants left Alumapalooza yesterday in between the deluge of rain storms. A combination of the mugginess and sweltering moments of fiery sun had dried up the ground enough for a lone John Deere tractor to pull out eager rally-goers, wanting to leave before the mass Sunday exodus would start. What wasn’t expected by me at the crack of dawn was an all-too-familiar ‘alarm clock’ sounding, transporting me back to days of life on the farm, where tractors were a daily part of my existence. The John Deere was at work for most of the morning, a beacon of green to the silver bullets fearful of being stuck in the mud. Luckily, we were in no real hurry to leave Jackson Center. I in turn wistfully watched the continuous departure of Airstream by uniquely different Airstream, sprouting wings for their next destination, many making a beeline towards home, others off in search of new adventures and drier pastures.

The beauty of having a non-fixed schedule lies in the ability to be spontaneous and therefore open to opportunity and circumstance. Such began our day … our plan initially had been to depart straight for our friend’s Ash and Celeine’s Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast and Skydiving Center. However, with the potential for hanging out longer with some of our new-found wonderful friends, enjoying the Alumapalooza after-party, we couldn’t help but be swayed in to staying another evening, parked on terra firma at the Terraport.

tractors on paradeOnce we were settled in to an open slot at the Terraport (Airstreams parked in every nook and cranny … we were lucky to find an available opening), we sat down for a lovely meal of leftovers from a delicious Indian feast that Eleanor had cooked for the Europeans mid-week. What an incredible cook she is …. and her brownies are to die for :).

The Jackson Center Community Days parade capped off our week of Airstream fun with a healthy dose of antique tractors, twirling & marching bands, and a squadron of antique & modern day Emergency Service Vehicles. Jackson Center is certainly proud of its community and the local residents came out in force to celebrate and show their appreciation.

yogaFLIGHT was on the agenda with several of our amazing new friends. The blue skies with a puffy cotton ball backdrop amidst the blossoming trees made for fabulous photos amidst all the shining aluminum.

friendsTo top off a perfect gorgeous Spring’s day, a group of us went out for a fantastic meal in Sidney Ohio at ‘The Spot To Eat’ restaurant (I highly recommend the Buffalo burger on a rye bun). Made for a fabulous evening of entertainment with 10 animated interesting people sharing amusing stories and kindred spirits. 

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  1. Well done sKY! I am especially happy that you got these two Faber supporters – they are headed in the right direction. Best to you two from u

  2. Well done sKY! I am especially happy that you got these two Faber supporters – they are headed in the right direction. Best to you two from us two!

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