Pelted On

The last week has featured such brilliant sunny weather, apart from a brief thunderstorm on our last evening of Alumapalooza, that the flood of darkness that quickly encompassed us with hail the size of a dime took me by surprise. Ohio is known for its extreme fluctuations in weather which could change in a heartbeat. Yet that didn’t make me feel any easier knowing that slaDE was on the road with the Airstream, limping it to a nearby town for a complete tire change (he left with the sun shining). The onslaught of rain was torrential. Driving the trailer with the tires in the condition that they are was dangerous enough. Add flooding rain and pelting hail: my nerves were on edge, to say the least. So to keep my mind off the fate of slaDE and Airabella, I went with Lou and Loren to run some errands plus get my eyebrows threaded.

I have always had bushy eyebrows, and if I don’t keep on top of their curvature, I look rather scary (IMO). Advice for the wary, if you’ve never experienced the art of Indian eyebrow threading, wait to have it done at the hands of a well-practised ‘artist’ from an Indian culture. I’ve always had luck with their expertise. The mall where we went had a brow specific salon (name already forgotten). Unfortunately, the young girl who groomed my brows had only learned about a month prior. As a result, to say that the experience was tortuous is an understatement. Plus, her consistency in matching my brows was skillfully inept. I came away feeling rather lopsided and discontent, but in this scenario, I wasn’t willing to have her keep whittling away at the shape only to leave me with pencil lines for brows. They would grow back soon enough and I could pluck to my heart’s content. 🙂

slaDE and Larry arrived back at the house later in the afternoon with new tires and a warranty exchange of sorts. It wasn’t a complete warranty replacement with the tire dealership, but we would follow up on that at a later date to see what we could do.

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