Mission 100

Parachute Montreal is host to the 100 way Record Attempts that slaDE and I have been accepted as participants (aka Mission 100). Parachute Montreal is located in St-Esprit Quebec, 25 minutes east from the centre of Laval (home of the Skyventure Windtunnel!) and 40 minutes from downtown Montreal. The 100 way event will run between Monday June 27 at 9:00am and will continue through to Saturday July 2. The goal of the record is to build the largest freefall formation by Canadians (bonus that this happens over Canadian soil — this winter an organized group attempted a Canadian record in Perris California, but weather + number of participants was their foe). So far, the record to date was in 2007 where 59 Canadians established the current formation record at Skydive Burnaby.

Our schedule:

  • 9:00am : Close of final registration
  • 9:30am : Group meeting
  • 40-way skydives – 20-ways from Otters, 20-ways from Sherpa + Otter

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • Meet @ 8:00am
  • 60-80 way skydives with 30 way base training from the Sherpa!
  • Helix arms training (40-way)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday (backup day, if necessary)

  • 100-way record-breaking attempts with the full fleet of aircraft (3 Twin Otters and 1 Sherpa — think a stretch Skyvan that kind of looks like an Otter / Caravan inside)

Saturday evening

  • Final get together over dinner and celebrations

The plan thus far: there will be 25 skydives total with 10 jumps from 13500ft and the remaining 15 skydives from high altitude (16000ft – 18000ft) using supplemental oxygen. Sweet! Hypoxia, not so much 🙂 Should be a blast!  slaDE and I are both really excited about the possibility of being Canadian record holders (this will make #2 for me if successful)! Wish us luck and safety please ….

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