From One Farm to Another

It was lovely to spend some time today helping out around the property of Mom and Pat’s, creating a clearer and cleaner pathway for spring and summer to arrive. Raking and collecting fallen sticks, spreading wood chips around the plethora of flower beds, cutting grass, filling holes. All contributes to the beautiful landscaped grounds that my folks have built up into a gorgeous haven in the country. With a few final farewells to their lovely neighbours, we hitched up Airabella and drove the 120 km to my Father’s farm. Another place to call home. Welcomed with open arms and a place to park our trailer. Time for me to seriously attack my storage cubby and spend at least a few weeks organizing, categorizing and reshuffling (with of course, the potential for purging — but I’m not placing that stress on myself to whittle my belongings down to a certain amount of stuff. Not enough time for that all-consuming job. But one never knows what will happen in my process!).


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