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Summer Solstice, the here and now.

sunflowersThe first day of Summer! Such an exciting and welcome season for me. I can’t help but remember days in my youth when the thought of summer meant Freedom! Long lazy days spent pursuing life as I knew it without the influence of school, assignments, tests and all that was associated with my academic years. But now that I’m an adult with different responsibilities and priorities, I wanted to take a moment to honour what this summer means to me in this present moment, living back in Ontario (in Alberta I had a completely different summer relationship):

  • long, long skydiving days
  • early to rise, late to eat dinner
  • shimmering blue bird skies
  • thundering tower-heads
  • lucky lazy afternoon walks by the beach, tepid Lake Erie waters tugging at my feet
  • suicidal mosquitoes and insects painting our truck with their artistic flair
  • deer flies, larger than life mosquitoes, pesky schizophrenic flies, perpetually multiplying fruit flies, viral deer tics
  • farmer’s markets with plentiful locally-grown fresh food
  • late night camp fires
  • yummy fruity Vita-Mix smoothies and sorbets
  • chocolate popsicles
  • spontaneous road-trips
  • reluctant yet at times feverish moments of longing for air conditioning
  • stripped down skydiving jumps
  • happy people delirious for the short-lived moments of guaranteed sunshine and warmth (before the return of yet another long-winded Canadian winter :))
  • delicious moments of complete surrender to the sun, moon and stars
  • our wedding anniversary
  • sharing birthdays with my best girlfriends
  • precious time with my family (this summer anyway!)
  • festivals and outdoor bands (I’ll miss you Calgary Folk Festival!)
  • sidewalk chalk bandits
  • trampoline moments
  • happy upbeat summer songs enjoyed in my more-often walks and yoga practice
  • the smell and feel of fresh cut grass
  • lavenderfields of dandelions and sunflowers and lavender
  • watermelon kisses
  • hot weather
  • sweaty smelly bodies
  • laundry hanging out to dry
  • the need to drink more water than usual
  • slathered on sunscreen
  • family picnics and gatherings

I probably could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. These moments of Canadian summer bliss have me loving life and appreciating the days of warmth and sunshine to the maX!

What has you excited about the summer now upon us (for those in the Northern hemisphere anyway)?

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