Lady bug opportunities

Our truck was scheduled to go into the dealership early, and being that we were stationed right across the road at the complimentary Camping World RV slot, a 7am drop-off was a breeze and pleasure, given the circumstances. Hanging out at the dealership for 4 hours whilst our Dodge was being diagnosed and fixed was NOT a problem. Trying to catch up on email, facebook and all my other internet joys was a welcome diversion. In the end, 5 hours later, a faulty throttle sensor was found and replaced, all to the tune of $800+. Ouch …. but very grateful that it wasn’t the turbo which had broken down. Thank goodness for small mercies. That would have been well over $2000 to fix.

Lady bug opportunitiesInstead of racing on to Byron, we decided to spend the afternoon enjoying a little breathing space. We went on the lookout for a truck camper (topper) for our Dodge. A task which has proven to be quite difficult, in that we are looking at 3 different options of colour  — maroon, black or silver — and a standard of condition that is close to new. We just might have to custom order, having missed out on a Canadian possibility from Kijiji back in November. One thing that we’re learning … when a pleasing / wanted opportunity presents itself, JUMP on it. 🙂

My theory: Lady bug opportunities – when you stop for a second, and a moment of beauty and serendipity presents itself, enjoy the flash of brilliance and colour, and fly with the beauty that is bound to unveil before you.

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