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Arising early, we got off to one of quickest morning starts yet on this adventure. The fog was dense as pea soup, which made for rather precarious driving as militant drivers grew impatient, with following behind us in the mire, and would pull out dangerously close to oncoming traffic in an attempt to bypass our rather long length. Several head-on collisions were narrowly missed, much to our chagrin. The sweep up Highway 5 to Byron was progressively more and more beautiful and rugged. So many wind turbines! We arrived safely at the DZ and spent a while choosing our ‘landing area’. Special thanks to Vic for allowing us to drop our trailer whilst we spent time in the city. Such an interesting phenomenon, finding a residence for our home when touring without abode on our adventures. I am VERY grateful to not bring our 35 foot bullet in to the city where the streets are always busy, extremely narrow and dizzyingly STEEP.

SNOT members

Tall GuyWe then made our way in to Oakland, where a good friend from Lost Prairie offered to put us up during our Yoga Journal conference. What a guy — aka Tall Guy! Not only was he the ultimate host, Kevin organized an evening out with local skydivers — aka SNOT (Skydivers Night Out Thursday). Fun was had by all. New friends were made and I was tickled to run into Tim Mattson, after so many years! Life is good. 🙂

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