Play. It’s a lifestyle and a choice.

play |plā| verb [ intrans. ] engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose : the children were playing outside | her friends were playing with their dolls. activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, esp. by children : a child at play may use a stick as an […]

Canada Day 2010

Really great fireworks last night in Port Colborne. We had the best seat in the house, right beside the water and directly across from the launchpad. The light show metamorphosed right above our heads. Spectacular. They reminded me of our bed-side vantage point for viewing the pyrotechnics at each years Calgary Stampede, the “Greatest Outdoor […]

Have you made time to play today?

Yoga is such a powerful tool, offering so many benefits beyond the physical and mental. For example, stress and anxiety relief. I love to center myself through focussed yogic breathing, slowing down my heartbeat, especially in situations where anxiousness does not serve me (such as when climbing to altitude in a jump plane, about to […]

Connecting with the Homeless

It was my 3rd Friday off this past weekend and I relished knowing that this was ME time. A time to relax, feel inspired and expressive. A time to catch up on items longstanding through the week and a time to potentially catch up on sleep. But what made this weekend so exciting and special […]



Playing with fire …. mesmerizing Poi.



Dallas at play, for all that it’s worth. Go Blue Man Go!



Forrester and slaDE at play ….Catching some air

Week 2 Project Theme — ‘At Play’

How often do we get to be a kid, and play until all of life’s stresses melts from our bones, leaving a pool of sweat, blood and laughter? Relief in a box, beyond the realms of boundaries defined. All you have to do is press