Bill: Moments of true happiness

Bill!One brilliant thing about Summer being over is the fact that our dear friend (my boyfriend) Bill is not as busy with his travelling nomadic ways and hence is available to spend more quality time with us / mE! Oh what a blessing. In the case of Bill, 80 something is the new 40, except when it comes to energy levels. Otherwise, Bill is ever keen to participate in any activity that we can dream up, spending quality time together before he heads south to Mexico for the winter.

A month ago, when the leaves were splendiferous in all their glorious vibrant technicolours, Bill sashayed through the leaves with us over by the Talisman, lending to a very colourful afternoon. And just last week, Bill was my date at a tremendously inspiring evening of music and stories focused on the plight of the homeless. Bill and slaDE~Despite the candid somber topic, it was actually an uplifting and emotionally charged venue with Tim Huff reading from his book ‘Bent Hope‘ and other very talented musicians and authors exploring the topic and Tim’s writings through voice and song. Hearing Bill’s wise viewpoints on such serious topics is always of great interest and always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy, knowing the friend that we have forever found in Bill.

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