It’s Saturday evening and I’m just about to sign off the computer. Oh the luxury of having non-stop power, running water, free-flowing internet and all the conveniences of home. Bearing this in mind, I can’t help but think, as we move through this transition phase from a stable grounded comfortable convenient home in Calgary to life on the road in our Airstream, what the repercussions will be on my / our spirits, as we gain our wings and let everything go. Unattached and free. Open to the universe and the path that opens its arms to our journey of healing and adventure. A totally new concept for the past 3 years. Time to shift modes and grow into a new sense of self, a recreation of uS and our marriage. We’ve done it before, shape-shifted into a new skin. For example, the coming of age into the form of yoga instructors, me as a budding aromatherapist and re-birthed skydiver. 8 years together, and we’ve learned to adapt and mould into what we foresee as a life partner. We mirror those that we love and respect. I’ve become a much more dynamic, open and loving partner because of my husband. I have become what I would like to have in my own life. To this extent, I’m so excited bout the journey that lay ahead for uS. Truly blessed and grateful. Gratitude. Extremely powerful and life-changing. Thank you slaDE~ for shining your example upon me and exemplifying the truth behind my innermost star.eye of the sunflower

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