Wrestling with my wrists

Its been such a busy week with me going back to work. I’m really sorry for not having written more personal stuff sooner.

A brief summation about my job — it’s with Calgary Regional Health in their Family Planning Clinic and I am the temporary fill-in Administrative Secretary and all-around gopher, basically :). I really don’t have a desk or space to call my own, but instead, I float around from office to computer, depending on who is there or not for the day. A full 37.5 work week, and I was pretty grateful for the weekend to roll around! I must admit, however, that my boss Alison makes the job every bit worthwhile. Such a pleasant and lovely person to work for, and she is gracious with gratitude for the work I do and for my cre8tive input. Can’t ask for anything better really, in the workplace.

oucH!Tired and with aching wrists, I dragged myself home tonight straight for bed (rather than head to the gym, which has been my steady routine this past week). I actually gave up my evening yoga routine – temporarily, that is! You know its gotta be bad.

You see, for the past 4 years since working for myself, I’ve never had any difficulty my wrists, even with endless hours spent designing on my computer. But working on different keyboards with various mice (on my laptop, I use my keypad as my mouse) has given me the beginning signs of carpel tunnel syndrome. And my yoga classes in the evenings focus on a lot of shoulder and arm strength, which in turn have aggravated my wrists even more. I’m weak in that upper body region as it is; no need to exacerbate it, at least for the time being.

But I must admit, I’m really missing our daily yoga classes, especially with slaDE~ conitnuing to go. The hour sessions provided me with a HUGE motivation to go to the gym daily, but now, I get bored otherwise, lifting some weights and speed walking on the treadmill. I’ve bought a wrist support, so we’ll see how that goes using it this week at work.

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