thoughts of growth and development

It was so good to get away, to leave a dank dim home so musty and clogged with summer’s humidity, the sort that hangs heavily, thick as cottage cheese. Yuck …
My partner and I wanted to go hang out with Kali, Ed and his two friends from Mexico, Ricardo and Marcel. We joined them for dinner at a funky vegetarian restaurant serving spectacular pizzas, in Guelph. Ahhhh … it proved to be an evening with fragments reminiscent to journeys in Guatemala: a sweet return to my vain attempts at speaking Spanish. What an eye opener, to see how difficult at first it is to sink back into a mode of challenging inner translations, and then to slowly transform back into the groove of my gringa stagnant sentences and flustered meanderings. Quite fun actually to tickle the brain and understand inklings of a conversation, here and there. Evolving, growing, struggling, flustered shortcomings …. this is an inner adventure I yearn to explore and fear to recre8te, through the development of my Spanish skills and my return to Latin America, serving the needs of the destitute and underprivileged, in a mysterious country filled with rich culture and deep turmoil.

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