First day on the job

After a four day weekend, I was refreshed and enlivened to begin my first day at my new job with the Calgary Health Region. My official title with Community Oral Health and Education was that of a Secretary to the Departmental Manager. Not really concerned with titles, and not nearly as exciting or interesting as my temp job with Sexual and Reproductive Health, but hey, it’s short term (a year or less?) and the pay was really great. Not too fussed with the Union Benefits, and all that entails …. I can’t beat the benefits slaDE has through his work.

My first day was really a piece of cake, with my boss only in the office for a short time before going home sick. A ho hum day really. I do like having my own desk and phone, with an extension to boot. Nice to be contactible during the day, for a change, as I’ve yet to succumb to the seduction / necessity of owning a cell phone (hey, Guatemala doesn’t count!).

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