A skeleton in Tree Pose

The Body In Motion

Have you ever been inspired by the human body in fluid motion? I’ve always been especially curious by the mechanics of the human form in its beauty as I flow through my yoga practice, exploring the depths of mobility, expansion, flexibility and flexion. Watching this video had me misty eyed at the gorgeousness of the physical anatomy, stunningly created by the medical 3D visual eFX team of Hybrid Medical Animation. Here’s how the Company described their project’s idea:

We wanted to combine the beautiful moves of yoga with this new visual approach to bring the full human skeleton to life. Hybrid’s illustrations and animations extend beyond the boundary of highly informative graphics: they enter the realm of high art, achieving a combination of Truth and Beauty

A skeleton in Tree PoseI am certainly inspired and entranced by this visceral journey through the skeletal landscape of the body, fluid in yoga motion. This dramatically unique video enhances my gratitude for a healthy mobile body that reaches beyond the proverb of beauty being only ‘skin-deep’. I hope you enjoy this profoundly gripping and humbling journey through the body in motion.

Herein lurks a deeper lesson for me. Beyond the movement of yoga lies stillness. And with the stillness and silence, one can explore the wisdom and lessons that are contained within each precious moment of our life.

The gifts of presence in body, mind and spirit is immeasurable. And magical.

What inspires you about your body, on or off the mat?

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