Back to summer camp

16 WayI haven’t been to summer camp in many many years. But memories of those times are priceless.

Debriefing at the 16 way camp

As was this weekend’s camp. However, you see, this wasn’t your average weekend getaway.Rather, both slaDE and I enrolled in Doug Forth’s 16 way Camp. Yes, that’s correct. A camp for skydivers wanting to learn the subtleties and nuances of big-way skydives.

Saturday started out beautifully, with clear blue azure skies and ZERO winds. For Skydive Burnaby, this is a strange pairing and anomaly. Normally, the winds are howling with such beautiful weather. Yet, the whole weekend was forecast to be just that. Beautiful, calm and sunny. SWEET!

Apart from a strained shoulder (setting me down for three jumps), I was still pleased to fit in 6 skydives for the day. What an incredible learning curve! I’ve jumped many a big way, but have never had the opportunity to participate in an actual camp.

Gotta love those exceptional learning experiences, especially when they push me outside of my ‘comfort zone’ at times :).

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