I love it when a joint idea evolves into a plan, and that plan emerges into something beautiful. Such was our evening tonight.
My day started out bright and full of energy after attending my last exercise class at the St Jacobs Community Health Centre. I’ve only managed to go to 3 classes, but it’s 3 more classes than if I hadn’t have signed up. Groovy! Then the afternoon was spent with a joyful Joy, updating her MAC iBook (she too has been surviving on dial-up in Hawkesville. Trying to get any work done on dial-up is like having sex with a porcupine … slow and embarrassingly painful 🙂 ).
After our frivolous fun-filled afternoon, I enjoyed a surprisingly warm walk (mid-November teens?!) to the sushi restaurant …. what had enticed us to this venue was the fact that it’s an ‘all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, all for the price of $20. Normally, I have a hard time getting my money’s worth at a buffet, but not tonight!! I (over-)indulged in platefuls of Sashimi (hold the rice on that there piece of raw fish), savoring each succulent morsel of heaven. Ye’s Sushi — I can’t rave enough about our experience. Although the ordering system is a bit funky, the service was quick, efficient and provided for a steady stream of yummy goodness.

Ye’s Sushi Japanese Restaurant
103 King St W
Kitchener, Ontario
(519) 568-7566

To top off a perfect evening, Gray’s Anatomy didn’t disappoint … Joy was kind enough to record the episode so that both slaDE and I could watch our favourite show in unison, without him missing out on his drum circle.

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