Mules and such ….

Daisy and sKYIt was scheduled to be a quiet week for Skydive Burnaby, so slaDE and I decided to meander up to my Father’s farm in Teeswater. Returning home always has this magical healing effect that shifts and changes priorities, melding my soul deeper with nature, connecting me to the Mother Earth in no other way. The memories evoked by my return to the country transports me back to childhood days where I had:

  • developed a love for the environment, unattainable through town living (I spent half my childhood life between town and the farm)
  • revelations of discovery about the land and the hard, backbreaking work entailed to cultivate its essence
  • fresh country air filling every ounce of my being
  • a wealth of knowledge, education and appreciation for Mother Earth.

DaisyAs an adult, the healing nature of a journey home is no different. slaDE has discovered this true magical adventure as well. Blessed we are!

There were a few new additions upon our return … the horses had been moved from the other farm to Dad’s backyard in the grazing pasture, surrounded by the newly laid fencing from our last visit. And a newborn mule named ‘Daisy’ was eager to vie for our attention and affection. Such a sweet sweet personality!  The new stray cat was also in want of devoted admiration. We certainly had a captive audience in our return to the country. AWESOME.Horses and a MuleslaDE and Daisy

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