Solstice Blessings

With each change of the season, it is wonderful to reconnect with the fortunes and grace which fill my life and body.
reverenceThursday was the 20th anniversary of my brother Kenny’s death. A day of reverence for me, to the higher power which giveth light, darkness, life and death. A lesson to be acknowledged each and every day …. Life is so very precious. It is everywhere, filling us from the inside, surrounded by the world’s creation, enveloped by a spiritual hug.
Yet in our daily lives we are usually carried away by our forgetfulness, anger, and worries, lost in the past, unable to touch life in the present moment. When we are truly alive, everything we do or touch is a miracle. To practice mindfulness is to return to life in the present moment.” And so, with the reminder of our mortality, it is vitally important to celebrate my vitality; life as I know it is fleeting, a blessing to be appreciated and honoured, with each and every breath of awareness that I can muster. To be alive, thriving and healthy …. WOW! Yoga helps me to reconnect with this cognizance.

Yesterday, the Solstice, was an amazing opportunity to yogically connect with the greater good, through a charitable yoga event which brought together a community of people willing to share their life blessings. slaDE~ and I were fortunate to have the instruction of Kathy Nash; she skillfully guided us beyond the physical asanas, coaxing us into a deeper understanding of the greater relationship that binds us all together within this Universe. Letting go of attachments to my life as I know it is a challenge throughout my yoga practice. Injury persistently hounds my senses, and trying to breath through that pain and discomfort is so extremely challenging. Somehow Kathy breathed fire into my core, and I achieved an impossible awareness that has been lacking since my beginning days of yoga. Solstice. Blessings. Connection. Breath of life and fire. Healing. All coexisted yesterday on this staggeringly beautiful day.

On this Solstice, I wish for you a deep connection with not only your inner light and grace, but also with Mother Earth’s divinity. I wish for you celebration of your fullness, shining magnificence and radiance. I wish for you peace, prosperity of heart and the wisdom to make profoundly exemplary choices for you and mankind.

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