Micro-management … how about them appLES!

I think that slaDE~ and I made a very very smart decision today. We took the plunge … and invested in Apple! To be honest, even before buying shares in the Company, I’ve felt that since 2005, I’ve had Apple stock with all my goodies and gadgets … a G4 Powerbook, an iPod, all the accessories one could ever want. And hopefully, someday soon, I can add an Apple iPhone and a new MACBookPro to this list :).

Being Pro-Apple and anti-Microsoft, I thought it apropos to include this funny google video, poking a bit of fun at Microsoft’s tendency to micro-manage :).


On the theme of bashing Microsoft and PCs … if you haven’t yet seen the hilarious new ads by Apple, you simply must:

New Mac Ads at Apple.com

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