Simple luxuries

This weekend was set aside, just for us …. whatever we wanted to do whenever we wanted to do it. 5 years of our life together has afforded that simple luxury. Happy Anniversary baby. Due to the unique set of circumstances of our meeting and resultant relationship 5 years ago, I will NEVER forget our first 12 hours together. Neither will those that have heard the story! Maybe another time I will spin the yarn of our magical but yet extremely warped fairy tale first encounter. Luckily, the story after that mellows out … Somewhat ;).

We started out our day, recounting our love story, in bed. Oh, so lovely to sleep in and wake up in each others arms, watching the clouds sail by, listening to the pitter-patter of cascading rain and dancing horses hooves. Feeling somewhat guilty in our indulgence, with a heaving of effort, we clambered out of bed and made our way to the Waterloo Farmer’s Market. It was a lovely tour of reminiscence for slaDE …. He spent many a Saturday here with his family, growing up. The skies cleared briefly, and with my hopeful suggestion of a trip to the SWOOP drop zone, the weather gods would have it so that the clouds immediately rolled in again, winking the last brief rays of sunlight from its eyelashes.

I know how much slaDE misses jumping …. He’s only managed to leap like a lemming 14 times this season. An obvious withholding of pleasure, for the sake of us. I asked him why he was so slow on the uptake this year, and he told me that for one, he wanted to save money for our dream, and two, he was reluctant to spend our money on this simple pleasure that I, at the moment, was reluctant to partake in (due to my shoulder dislocation last summer). He’s so unique … in general, many male skydivers would say “C ya!” at the opportunity to jump …. He thinks of us first rather than himself. That’s an endearing loving quality of slaDE … another reason for which I look forward to spending another 50 years together.

After finding ourselves satiated with our market meanderings, we made our way into St Jacobs, looking for John Kepkiewicz’s (our famous Hawkesville neighbour) glass blowing studio. It didn’t take much sleuthing to find his workshop … the town is a quaint, thriving community housing a dichotomy of both cre8tive artists and upmarket boutiques. With the ramblings of the occasional Mennonite buggy, one has to admire the nobility of the divergent worlds.

Housed within an old mill, the glass creations were breathtaking in their kaleidoscope intricacy and molten colour. We spent the rest of our afternoon admiring Joy and John’s teamwork, moulding pillar candleholders that were beautiful in their artistic talent and cre8tivity. What a lovely afternoon! Amazing company, interesting conversations, fascinating craftsmanship … a splendid way to spend a cold autumn day (the furnaces for gathering and holding the glass measured well above 220 degrees F).

The evening was was superb! I spent 4 hours preparing a giant International feast of enticing new recipes, filled with garlic and fresh organic produce. Yummy. It felt wonderful to treat my honey to the efforts of my love. We ended our day watching one of my favourite movies of love … “At First Sight” with Mira Sorvino and Val Kilmer.

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