Life is like photography … it’s ALL about the framing

Joy and I enjoyed a lovely leisurely walk down the country lanes and roads of Hawkesville. I truly enjoy our jaunts; Joy is ever so patient and understanding when I erratically stop mid-sentence to capture that perfect picture. She noticed from day one that I have the eye of a quality photographer … I just don’t necessarily have the technical skills to enhance it non-digitally … YET! I am however playing and experimenting along the way. It’s all about the ‘Manual’.

And in pondering this further, I realized that photography is very similar to life … you can view the world through several lenses. You can look at the ‘ordinary’ and perceive, well, just that. Or you can search out the pearls and make the ordinary extraordinary. Life then becomes an adventure, in even the simplest of environments.

Precious beauty is found everywhere. One just have to look!

Pearls in a Pig Sty
I’m often asked, ‘How do you see photos in such everyday places and things?’

Gosh, tough to put into words. I’ve been involved with art and design for so long (literally my entire life since I grew up with it) that when I see art and design in the everyday, it catches my eye.

In other words, it’s rather like developing a knack for spotting pearls in a pig sty.

I view it this way because life, by its nature, is rather chaotic (a pig sty), so when I see something in the chaos that has form and balance, simplicity and order (the pearl), it almost smacks me in the face because it seems so out of place with what’s around it.

Then it’s rather like zooming your attention in on the ‘pearl’, shutting out for a time all the ‘sty’ that’s around it, and then deciding if the pearl has enough merit to bother taking it or not.

Simple as that. ;-).

Gordon L Wolford

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