i love my new backpack!

With each passing day, I realize that I am madly in love with my new backpack (which houses my precious laptop as I carry it back and forth to the internet café / the school’s internet access daily, sometimes in the pouring rain). Is loving an inanimate object okay? Materialistic perhaps, but realizing that it houses my connection to home and work and pleasure, it’s understandable (I think anyways)! :).

Here’s a direct quote from Crumpler’s website (I believe in spreading word where credit is due):

Crumpler make bold bags that are born for the hard miles. CRUMPLER BAGS are made of the best new tech materials. ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY STUFF IS USED: CHICKEN TEX (TM) PLUS RIPSTOP LINING, UNBREAKABLE SIZE 10 ZIPS, INDUSTRIAL SEAT BELT WEBBING, VERY STRONG BELT BUCKLES and, at the last count, only 14 molluscs have died in the process of making Crumpler Bags, (not counting the one we motorised and used as a portable shaver).


Speaking of love, I’ve discovered the joys of Skype … Free internet ‘phone’ calls (apart from the cost of the internet connection … which is under $1 an hour for me!) when calling from computer to computer, and about 4 cents a minute when calling any other phone worldwide (mobile or land). If anyone is interested in joining Skype and adding me as a contact, my user ID is skydiva1967; this way we can communicate on the internet phone when you see me online 🙂 ( which nowadays, is far less frequent in duration than when I first arrived).

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