bus travel, yet again

Traveling day to Chimaltenango with Heidi, Rene, Shefali. The bus ride leaving Xela was far more comfortable than my excursion to this burgeoning city. Partly because I was travelling with friends and partly because the bus company provided for a cleaner and more luxurious bus than upon first arriving. My co-travellers carried on to Rio Dulce and I was picked up by Ismar from the NPH orphanage. My wait was just under an hour and amidst sucking in the grimy fumes from the passing bus caravans, I enjoyed my solitude in people watching and snatching a priceless photo here and there. Once at the orphanage, I was greeted wholeheartedly with gracious welcomes and warm hugs from the children I crossed paths with! The Director wasn’t here, so I spent my evening attempting to book my flight through Skype on a satellite connection — how frustrating that was!. I found it somewhat tedious in that it was extremely difficult for anyone to hear me, whereas I could hear the other party just fine. The rest of the evening was spent catching up and chatting with the volunteers I had met on my previous visit.

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