Happy Father’s Day!

A Father Means ...I just spoke with my biological Father, our Dad, on the phone. I can honestly say that I have 2 Dads … my Mother’s husband Pat and Theodore, my Father. I miss them both so much! But not for much longer — what’s truly exciting about the conversation we just had is that my younger sister Aaron has officially set the date of her wedding for August 24th, this summer. Slade and I will both be flying home and spending quality time with everyone near and dear to us. Our bosses have yet to learn of our spontaneous plans, and hopefully it will not be too major an issue, with my work moving the same day I want to fly back to Ontario (my birthday, no less).

Father’s Day holds the emotion of both joy and sadness for our family; 20 years ago, my brother Kenny died while riding the motorcycle which provided freedom and joy to his world. Little did we know that he would gain his wings that Sunday June 19th.

Daddy's little girlI’ll never forget that day, when I flew back from Ottawa, into the waiting arms of my Father and my family. My brother wasn’t the only one who died that day … a piece of each one us left this world with Kenny. And we all miss him tremendously. Father’s Day … a time of both fond memories and of heartbreak. I write this with tears flowing down my face ….

My Father is such a rock in my life … so supportive; there is nothing that he would not sacrifice for his family. Dad is still one of the first persons whom I call when things go right… and when they fall apart. Many a day I have called to listen to his soothing voice, heart in pieces. Somehow, through it all, he sends his love and support across the airwaves, from afar, and I somehow at least feel a bit better, aching heart in tow.
So, on this August, I will be there to celebrate with him at Aaron’s wedding, as I was there for him in support when in own brother Ralph died this past November. In both good times and bad, I am privileged to have 2 Dads by my side who love, support, encourage and accept Katherine TC Weishar (aka sKY::). And I will do whatever it takes to be there for them whilst they live and breath and bless my life.

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