Strange lawS!

Strange but true

It’s Against the Law to:
20) Fish while wearing pyjamas in Chicago.
19) Sell instruments in South Carolina on Sunday.
18) Be drunk in a Wyoming mine.
17) Have a goatee in Boston.
16) Serve margarine in a Wisconsin restaurant unless the customer specifically requests it.
15) Eat a hamburger on Sunday in Minnesota.
14) Offer cigarettes and/or whiskey to zoo animals in Jersey.
13) Use a lasso to catch a fish in Tennessee.
12) Perform marriages in Pennsylvania when either the bride or groom is drunk. (VERY SMART, methinks :))
11) Box a kangaroo in Oregon.
10) Shoot rabbits while motor boating in Kansas.
09) Sell milk in a liquor store in Indiana.
08) Wear masks in public in Alabama.
07) Have kisses lasting more than five minutes in Iowa.
06) Fall asleep in a South Dakota cheese factory.
05) Use profanity in front of a dead body in Georgia.
04) Keep a gorilla in the back seat of a car in Massachusetts.
03) Take a lion to the movies in Maryland.
02) Whistle underwater in West Virginia (same goes for Vermont).
01) Push a live moose out of a moving airplane in Alaska … it’s also illegal to feed moose alcoholic beverages for the purposes of getting them on an airplane.

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