Happy April Fools Day ♫♪♫♪

Wordpress logoApril Fools Day: a time for light-hearted trickery celebrated in various countries on April 1. This day of fools is marked by perpetrators playing practical jokes and pranks on those gullible enough to be duped. I thought that Facebook would provide the greatest audience for my little stunt announcing in an update that I was ‘single, footloose and fancy free’ while also changing my surname to Google. Speaking of Google, today they played an awesome joke stating that the company would be changing it’s name to ‘Topeka‘ (as in Topeka, Kansas — the city which temporarily changed it’s name to Google). Quite a funny article if you get the chance to read! Anyway, it seemed that I managed to pull the wool over several peoples’ eyes before they realized the nature of the day. However, before the Facebook godS could return the favour in due form (thanks Sandra for declaring that I was pregnant with triplets!), I was quick to return to my happily married unpregnant status before any more chaos was created.  Happy April Fools ♫♪♫♪ !!

In an unexpected turn of events, Mother Nature fooled us all today (or should I say the weather man did?) by revealing a gorgeous blue-skied day, right from the get-go. We were expecting severe thunderstorms and gusting winds. Neither evolved, which made for an absolutely gorgeous spring summer-like day. What better way to leave Skydive Elsinore than to make our last jump at the DZ (on this visit) a tremendous tracking dive?! 4 people in total exited on our jump in an attempt to flock across the sky. However, slaDE~ and I were the only ones present throughout the entire skydive (from my perspective anyway) while Mike and the visiting Brit flailed in the outer regions of our vision. And to top the morning off, Laurie Reynolds from Trinity Wellness Network gave me the best aromatherapy massage ever. A fabulous day spent prepping for our trek to Eloy tomorrow and relaxing in the home of our dreams doing what we love most, together, happily married. 🙂

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