A Dirty Job

It’s really been an interesting few weeks watching the interaction between Harley the farm tabby cat and the two new girl puppies, Barbie and Bailey (a Jack Russell and Australian Blue Heeler mix). The dogs stay in a caged pen at night but have the run of the farm during the day. Harley the feline has a box by the front door that he sleeps in. But over the past week, the dogs have adopted his home as their puppy home when not caged. The rivalry is hilarious. Lots of hissing, yipping, jumping and chasing going on. It’s a sad but funny love / hate relationship with Harley feeling very much evicted from his home. Even funnier is watching the dogs try to leap in to the cardboard box. Usually they don’t make it on the first try (envision a pole vaulter almost making it over the bar but falling straight down when smashing against said bar). That’s Bailey and Barbie for you. Comic relief indeed!

Today slaDE was brilliant in choreographing the finishing of the cubby hole’s makeover. The walls of the foundation lining the hole have slowly been crumbling in spots, creating huge amounts of dust and grime. It’s been sitting stagnant for about 10 years without any real attention made to the upkeep. But to be fair, it’s a concrete hole that doesn’t real play a big role in the house. However, we felt it important to keep it tidy and somewhat dust free. So slaDE took on the job of cleaning it up and painting the floor with a concrete sealer acrylic base, after blowing out all the dust and sweeping up the crumbling earth. A dirty job that I wasn’t really excited about completing myself. Bless my hubby for taking on the task with such vigour and style :).

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